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Surf Stories by Florida Surf Film Festival

Dec 12, 2021

Founder and operator of Encyclopedia of Surfing, Matt Warshaw, joins us for a catch up after the festival to chat about things other than Barry Kanaiaupuni's bottom turn.  His fundraiser is in full swing, so if you'd like to support his mission, all of surf culture would appreciate it.  Enjoy!

Nov 15, 2021

Big thank you to Lauren Hill, who stepped into her recording studio and shared a tale of... well, you better listen.  Activist, surfer, filmmaker, podcaster...  Get the latest on what she's been up to and how we hope to bring her home for another film festival with her hard work on the big screen.  

Oct 19, 2021

Taylor Steele joins us for episode 20, and after working for many years on producing, filming, editing, and directing, he has embarked on three new careers.  He's now an entrepreneur, festival operator, and creative director on a TV show.  Oh, and driving through India in the middle of the night, rain, and surfing a van...

Sep 13, 2021

Tom Lochtefeld plays cards very close to his chest, unless of course, he knows only three of you will listen to this podcast.  The quality of information shared by this engineer of man-made waves in pools is worth a listen, if you're interested in this form of joy.  Even if you're not, and you'd like to argue in favor...

Aug 10, 2021

Artist and filmmaker, Chris Miyashiro, talks about his process, from dreams to road trips, and his style as a filmmaker.  His first movie, In Dancing Days of Dawn, premiered with us in June of 2019.  We love Chris's work and will be showing Whistle of Wilderness on August 28th at Atlantic Center for the Arts.  Enjoy the...