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Surf Stories by Florida Surf Film Festival

Jul 28, 2022

Matt Costa, singer-songwriter, former pro-skateboarder, and brand ambassador, speaks to his influences, his latest work with the boys at Roark entitled Donde Los Terremotos, and a harrowing story involving none other than Donovan Frankenreiter. Enjoy.

Jul 7, 2022

As surf stories go, few document them better than Daniel Duane, author, journalist, and now podcaster.  He shares some great stories from his early surfing days.  But most importantly, he has crafted a podcast that cannot be ignored for us surfers.  A series of shark attacks off Reunion Island left the government,...

Jun 10, 2022

John JB Brooks, my co-founder for the festival, shares a bit about how he came to be a surfer, competitor, and world traveler.  He has plenty stories in the noggin, but this one's a thriller.  Get caught up with the upcoming Father's Day Weekend Festival as well, June 17th and 18th.  Enjoy.

May 26, 2022

It's the walk up to the teller with a note asking for bills from the top two drawers, no dye-packs or GPS, that had me hooked.  Chas Smith's latest work is a biography of his cousin, Daniel Courson, who robbed over 40 banks in two intense runs, one with a long period on the lam.  Back it all up to a celebrity...

Mar 31, 2022

The best part about Joe Frizelle is that he doesn't really seem like a guy who has designed over 1,000 t-shirts and board shorts, but has mostly likely created at least one or many of your previous collection.  His hard work and success has taken him to the best set ups with his heroes calling him into waves....